All Exception-All™ products are packaged with care:

Care for YOU

You make conscious choices about the products you buy and consume due to health, environmental, and financial concerns. We get this — and we share those values. We, too, have made a conscious choice to use minimal packaging out of concern for your preferences. By eliminating the box, we are reducing our own environmental impact while also reducing unnecessary costs.

Care for the PRODUCT

The box itself is largely cosmetic — and unnecessary. While a boxed product may look lovely on the shelf, who keeps the box? It's tossed the moment the product arrives in your home. We've ditched the box, but ensure the product's integrity by keeping the much more important seal. All products are sealed and protected.


Like you, we like trees and clean air! We dislike creating unnecessary waste. Throughout our company, we do everything we can to be kind to our planet, and using minimal packaging is an important step toward a healthier planet.